The Story of Lucy and Aubrey 2 Girl Cam

Lucy and Aubrey were involved in the same BDSM community, but ran in different circles. Now and then, they would be in the same place at the same time but never behind (540x720)2gcreally talked, until one day a girl who goes by the name Destiny introduced them at a local dive bar in a cute community in the city. The three girls and a guy, who acted like the luckiest guy on earth that night, played the drinking game, Never Ever Have I Ever. Lucy, Aubrey, Destiny and the guy took turns saying, “Never ever have I ever…”, filling in the final part of the statement with something he or she had never done. If anyone in the group had actually done the thing, the person must take a drink. The statements were filled with sex acts:

Never ever have I ever had a threesome with another girl.

Never ever have I ever had a threesome with another guy.

Never ever have I ever had double penetration.

Never ever have I ever spit out cum.

And so on. Needless to say, both Lucy and Aubrey were feeling pretty tipsy by the end of the night!

At the time, Lucy was involved with Mister, her dominant and Aubrey was living with Sir, puss2 (540x720)2gcher dominant. Lucy invited Aubrey out to a party at Mister’s house. Feeling an energy between herself and Aubrey, Lucy was keen on spending the entire evening at Aubrey’s side, but needed to attend to things in the kitchen as well as the guests at the party. Thankfully, the girls found time to spend chatting around the fire pit before the night was through.

Lucy’s relationship with Mister ended after three months, just as the new year began. She took some time off from being involved in the local BDSM scene. In the spring of the same year, after a night at another local dive bar in which Aubrey talked to Lucy about her lust for cigars and cigar play, and an evening class about D/s relationships, held at Aubrey and her dominant’s house, Lucy returned to the scene.

That summer, Lucy decided to quit her office job and return to adult entertainment work. She had about seven years as a phone sex operator under her belt, the last year included work as a webcam girl. Within a month of working the lines again full time, dildo (720x540)2gcAubrey found out what Lucy did and her interest was peaked! She texted Lucy asking what this was all about. An hour later, Lucy, Aubrey and Aubrey’ s dominant sat down for dinner and discussed the business. That night, they got Aubrey set up to take calls and decided to try two girl calls and shows as well. It wasn’t long before Lucy and Aubrey realized they had feelings for each other that extended beyond friendship and sexual energy. The girls discussed the feelings and a bit of romance blossomed.

Lucy and Aubrey’s first 2 girl cam show was with a special dominant caller. He had the girls make out and take turns using cuffs and chains to restrain one another to tdeep throat (720x540)2gche bed. Lucy cuffed and chained Aubrey to the bed first. The caller directed Lucy to use a vibrator and an insertable to fuck Aubrey to orgasm. After Aubrey calmed down, she chained and cuffed Lucy spread eagle on the bed and returned the favor. A week later, the girls entertained the caller again; using a paddle and flogger, rope and sex toys until he came, again and again.

As the weeks passed and Aubrey got a hang of phone sex and webcam work, Lucy rope2 (720x540)2gcbegan to realize that in addition to her feelings for Aubrey, she had a crush on Aubrey’ s dominant as well. Around this time, Aubrey and her dominant were planning to attend a huge, end of summer fetish event. The dominant caller who enjoyed time with both girls was so tickled at the thought of the girls playing all weekend long, he paid for Lucy’s ticket, even though he wouldn’t be able to see or join in on the fun!

The event was attended by thousands of kinksters. It was held at a campground that had an outdoor dungeon, an indoor dungeon, a swimming pool, a vendor area, room for indoor and outdoor classes- all of which was clothing optional. After Aubrey, her dominant and Lucy set up camp, they headed down to the pool and bounced a ball around naked with other naked, kinky people.

Later, after drying off, Aubrey’ s dominant put a collar on Lucy. He attached the collar to the cuffs by chain and the mood for the event was set. With the caller’s instructions in mind, Lucy asked Aubrey’ s dominant to lead her by leash. Aubrey’ s dominant took it a step further. After attaching the leash through Lucy’s collar, he pulled the leash through suck (720x540)2gcAubrey’ s collar and led the two girls around the campground with Aubrey in the middle and Lucy at the back. Lucy spent much of the weekend being led by either Aubrey’ s dominant (with Aubrey in the middle) or Aubrey, if her dominant wanted to wander off.

The weekend went by so quickly and so many fun things happened. Lucy experienced her first fire cupping scene, Aubrey assisted in administering a needle scene, Lucy was beat to black, blue and purple by Aubrey while wearing a breast vice, Lucy danced around a bonfire at the direction of Aubrey’ s dominant, the three participated in a ritual to drums at the same bonfire, Aubrey participated in a messy pie fight, the girls got drunk one morning on pickle backs leading up to Aubrey’ s bukkake scene (look for a post about this, coming soon, right here on and the three attended a class on service submission.

It wasn’t long after the fetish event that Aubrey, Lucy and Aubrey’ s dominant formed a triad relationship. The three would sleep together in a king sized bed, the girl’s chained to the bed and the their dominant, a free and happy man in the middle. The most memorable night Lucy spent playing with her dominant and girlfriend, was the evening in which her dominant put her in a frog tie on the bed. He climbed on top of her face, making her suck his cock while Aubrey fucked Lucy’s pussy with a strap on. After a time, Lucy was released from the ropes and a gag was put in her mouth. The girl’s dominant attached a dildo to the gag and made Lucy fuck Aubrey’ s pussy with it. Aubrey later sucked the dildo, while it was still attached to Lucy’s drooling mouth.

Though the relationship between Lucy and her dominant didn’t last, Lucy and Aubrey’ s romance continues and after nearly four months of making out, exchanged pussy licking, 69ing, service submission, sado-masochistic impact play, face spitting, shared dildo sucking, and, of course, cam and phone sex play with many fun and exciting men, the pair cannot imagine what is in store for them!