About Us

BubblesLucy and Aubrey

 We are two women in our thirties who have been dating and doing cam and phone sex together for many years. We are both very kinky and enjoy everything from licking pussy, watching men jack off on cam to us to even exploring our submissive and masochistic side by switching off who tops who.

Both of us are easy to get along with and we enjoy our work as cam girls immensely! While Lucy has been doing this gig for a lot longer (since her early twenties), Aubrey has taken it to another level when it comes to exploring the dark and nasty. We are both very dirty girls and are very much into each other.

If you want to know more about how we met, you can read all about it here.

A few kinky fun facts about us as a duo:

  • In the earliest part of their relationship, Aubrey and Lucy shared a relationship with a dominant man. Ask them about their time at a fetish festival where they were chained together and led by a leash, that hot night when Aubrey assisted him in dominating Lucy and the dinner date where Lucy and Aubrey served him and a dominant woman.
  • Aubrey has historically been better at dominating Lucy than the other way around. The list of guys who have watched Aubrey hurt, tease and edge Lucy on cam is long. Lucy has been catching up lately (with purpose, as she knows Aubrey likes pain as much as she does), including some very special time with Aubrey on the spanking bench.
  • Aubrey is really into the duality of Lucy’s innocent, young sounding voice saying very nasty things to her callers.
  • Lucy is pretty much obsessed with the look, taste and feeling of Aubrey’s pussy and is known to preach the perfection of it to anyone who will listen.
  • Lucy also loves making Aubrey show off her deep-throating skills, something Lucy has still yet to perfect, though she will try with a very sloppy blow job on Aubrey’s strap on.
  • The chemistry between these two self-named cum dumps is real. Whether Aubrey is nearly getting herself off while fucking Lucy with the strap on, Lucy is sucking on Aubrey’s clit or they are simply making out, the feeling between these two is as hot as it looks. They have often talked about how awesome their relationship is- from all the hot times they have had together, sharing intimate details like school girls at a slumber party to sending each other into nearly endless giggle fits, the two could not be more well suited to be together.