Two Girl Cam Sex & Phone Sex


It’s a done deal, folks. Aubrey and I have scheduled days to get together for 2 girl phone sex & cam sex:

Monday, March 2, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday, March 9, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 14, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm*

*This date is tentative. Let us know if you want to see us on this day!*

Options for play include two girl phone sex, clothed camtopless cam, nude cam and extreme cam. Go to our store for options to pay online. Click here for contact information via Skype, Yahoo, phone (text or call) and email.

If you haven’t tried us out yet for two girl shows, here’s an idea of what you’ll see and hear… two genuine girls who are genuinely into each other. Phone sex can be anything from pussy licking to double-team domination. It all depends on what you’re into! Clothed and topless cam is great for teasing shows and more! We will masturbate, make out, touch each other, etc. Nude cam shows are definitely a favorite. I love getting my mouth on Aubrey’s sweet pussy, fucking her with a strap on, playing with her butt plug while it’s buried deep and submitting with her to a hot Dominant. Extreme cam includes panty pissing, wet and messy shows and heavy BDSM shows.

Don’t see your desire? Contact us and let’s work on making your two girl fantasy come true!

Nasty Cam Shows

webcam-toy-photo88Wow! What a week, so far! Sunday and Monday, Aubrey and I kept so busy with 2girl cam shows, it was hard to keep up! If we missed you, please feel free to schedule something with us next time by emailing either Aubrey at or me, Lucy at

It seems it has been the time for nasty cam shows! There was the one where Aubrey was being degraded by a dominant caller, while I helped. Aubrey had to lick my dirty toes and I slapped her face each time she complained about it. Then there was the one in which I was made to wear a ball gag, collar and my new chained nipple clamps. Aubrey beat me with the leather strap, then spit on my asshole and fingered it. Then she sat on my face and fucked it with her pussy. She was such a perfect Domme; all of this made me so wet! We finished the show with a super sloppy kiss.

We had a few more romantic sort of shows- lots of loving kisses between us, and hot pussy licking action! Can’t wait for next time! We’ll be together this Saturday, 4/12 for a few hours in the afternoon and again Tuesday, 4/15 from the afternoon into the evening. Check our schedule for details and again, please follow us on Twitter for updates @2girlcam!



Strap on Fucking

webcam-toy-photo59Aubrey and I had so much fun the last time we got together. We took a few cute cam shots, which I will post with this message. After a time, one of my favorite solo callers requested a two girl cam show! We’ve done two girl with him before; him having us lick each others asses and pussies. Too hot for words!


This time, the caller asked us how we met, when we first started dating and about the first few times we fooled around. He stroked the entire time while we watched. For some reason, he had never done cam to cam with me before. It was so nice being able to see him- he looked tall, had a bit of scruff and a BEAUTIFUL cock!

webcam-toy-photo55After he got a bit hot, we started kissing and playing with our breasts. Then he asked to see me suck the strap on while it was attached to Aubrey. Aubrey sat on the bed and I got on my knees. I sloppily kissed and sucked her cock. Then we had some hot strap on fucking; me on all fours and her ramming her dick inside me.

We’ll be together again this Sunday, March 30 and again next Thursday, April 3! More dates will be posted soon, check our schedule. Also, follow us on Twitter @2girlcam to keep up with our posts!

Always big x’s and o’s,


Phone Sex Trends

Sometimes it seems like there are phone sex trends- either I’m getting the same kinds of calls in a certain time period or everyone is! Yesterday, Aubrey and I got together and we had yet another hot BDSM cam sex call! That’s three, take a look:

Hot double-team submissive cam
2girl BDSM cam show

This Master had been wanting to call us for a long time. We’ve been so busy lately doing solo phone sex and cam and 2girl that he’s had trouble getting through. Finally, he was able to catch us yesterday, and I don’t know about him, but it was well worth the wait for us!

Master had Aubrey tie my kneels with my Hitachi stuck to my clit. It felt unbelievable. Then he had her insert my butt plug and a dildo. Then, (and this was my favorite part), Aubrey put the strap on on and fucked my face. I’ve never drooled so much- such a sloppy blow job! It even made me tear up. I came and the Hitachi torture was unbelievable.

Check out our schedule if you want to make it four BDSM shows in a row, or if you want something else to shake things up a bit!

Hope you’ll follow us on Twitter @2girlcam to keep up to date on all our naughty stories!

Hot Double-Team Submissive Cam

webcam-toy-photo49Aubrey and I had a blast on St. Patty’s Day! We did a hot double-team submissive cam call. The caller asked us to admit our darkest fantasies- Aubrey’s made me so wet! Then the caller had me lick her to orgasm three times, having her spank her pussy between cumming. We switched then. I came three times and Aubrey fingered me with three fingers- stretching my pussy and making me so hot.

The day was filled with drinking, play and adventure. Be sure to ask us why we had to visit the fire department when you call!

Here are the upcoming dates we’ll be doing phone sex and cam together:

Thursday, 3/20: 3:00 pm – 7:30 pm 
Tuesday, 3/25: 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Sunday, 3/30: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Feel free to call or email us for more info:
Aubrey: 443-574-4278 or
Lucy: 650-479-5892 or


2girl BDSM Cam Show

Had a fantastic rope-centered 2girl BDSM cam show yesterday. Aubrey tied me up and got me off! Enjoyed some of her sweet pussy too when I licked her to orgasm later in the afternoon for another cam show.

We’ll be together 12pm – 6pm today, drinking for St. Patty’s Day and getting off with hot men! We do fetish, BDSM, 69, pussy fuck shows and more!

Want to keep up-to-date on our escapades. Check back here on our blog and follow us on Twitter @2girlcam!